Vera Kay Prepares to Release ‘Pink Roses’ EP

Boston-based alternative rock band Vera Kay is ready to burst onto the scene in 2019 with its forthcoming “Pink Roses” EP.

Led by the distinctive voice of Berklee College of Music student Katherine Rufli, Vera Kay’s sound features raw emotion that fans of bands like Story of the Year and 30 Seconds to Mars will appreciate. This works in tandem with the strong, anthemic power pop sensibilities of Paramore, layered with atmospheric undercurrents for good measure.

The new music was produced by Aaron Sprinkle, whose credits include work with the likes of A New Found Glory and OneRepublic. Title track “Pink Roses,” just released on April 12, is a hard-driving rock tune that presents the band’s pop sensibilities in a dynamic light.

Preceding single “Comatose” is no less powerful than its successor. In fact, its darker tones, moody synth accents, and intricate, pounding rhythms work together to make it even more intense. There’s a certain sense of danger accompanying “Comatose,” and its dramatic soundscapes surely help it to stand out as an early fan favorite.

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