WATCH: Nate Rose Releases ‘Da Dum’ Video

Earlier this month, Nashville-based hip hop artist and creator Nate Rose released his latest self-made project, The Nefarious Few.

As you’ll see below, there was more magic where that came from.

Nate co-directed the video for “Da Dum,” one of the hardest-hitting tracks on The Nefarious Few. Shot by co-director David Piersaul, the video shows the rapper in a number of different settings in and around Nashville — at work, at home, and even on the news — with plenty of Easter eggs and cameos throughout.

To break the fourth wall, I encourage you to look out for one cameo in particular, shortly after the 1-minute mark… 😉

Watch the video below, and be sure to stream The Nefarious Few on Spotify or your favorite listening platform.

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