Traditional Country is Alive and Well on The Waymores’ ‘Weeds’

The storytelling and down-home wisdom of old-time country is alive and well, and can be heard on Weeds, the latest EP from The Waymores.

The Atlanta-based acoustic country act – led by the duo of singer-songwriters Willie Heath Neal and Kira Annalise – brings a traditional sensibility rooted in authentic storytelling. “Matches” starts the project off by taking a cue from the Johnny Cash playbook. True to its name, this outlaw country tune speaks of a daredevil recklessness and not a care for who burns in its wake. From there, we progress to “Moe Brown,” a sad country waltz about a lovelorn rodeo clown who meets his untimely demise.

Weeds also touches on different shades of love. The title track, for one, is a tender duet about facing life’s battles together while traveling up and down the road. On another part of the spectrum is “Bring You Down,” a codependence anthem fixated on the notion that we cannot repair another person until we can do so for ourselves.

Closing things out is “Dumb Old Dog,” a fun and upbeat romp which teaches us to set expectations and avoid disappointment by seeing people as the animals they can be.

Track listing
Moe Brown
Bring You Down
Dumb Old Dog

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