Thames Releases Thoughtful ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ Video

Image credit: Emma Miranda Bright

St. Louis indie rockers Thames want to help you re-define what it means to be a man.

The band released a video for their song “Boys Don’t Cry,” which is, according to frontman Gabriel Jackson, “meant to fit the mood of the song, which is about society’s dark, jarring representation of masculinity.” Jackson elaborates further:

“We wanted to showcase the idea of accepting vulnerability versus forcing suppression. The initial concept was to create three or four visual storylines that could then be strung together; images of boys being sensitive with another, juxtaposed with men fighting on the theatre floor, while seeing the band flooded with moving imagery and cast in complete shadow. Our goal was to create a sense of momentum that brings the viewer to an inevitable crash.”

Watch “Boys Don’t Cry” below.

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