UMC20: May 6, 2019

We’ve had two weeks to venture out and find you 20 fresh tracks for a brand new month of UMC20 and, to toot our own horns, we did not disappoint.

In that time, there have been new releases, outstanding live performances, and more discoveries for us to dig into. Now, you get a chance to dig what we’ve uncovered with the 20 tunes below.

These songs will hit you hard, whether from the way they burst out of the speakers, or through the emotions brought forth by the artists themselves. No matter how these hit you, we are confident that you’ll find your new favorite song somewhere within the playlist… until next week, anyway!

Track listing
MESSER – Make This Life
Vera Kay – Comatose
The Mad Sugars – Queen of the Club Pt. 2
Roi and the Secret People – Late (Live)
Forever Came Calling – Mine to Mold
Thames – Boys Don’t Cry
Timothy Myles – Grandma’s Rainbow
Chelsea Burns – Call Me (Acoustic)
MICVH – Copper and Wine
Sarah Spencer – Little One Bedroom
Kiera Loveless – Behind the Scenes
Stacy Gabel – Straight to Voicemail
Evan Cline – On And On
Cardiac Half – Secret Letters
Liv Charette – Bones
Stephanie Nash – Ain’t Gonna Be My Man
Caroline Marquard – Not a Rolling Stone
Cris Jacobs – Under the Big Top
Mosey Beat – Slow Easy Rise
Slofunkpump – Back the Funk Up

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