ALew Sings of a Love Unrivaled on ‘8 Billion’

Photo credit: ALew on Facebook

Have you ever loved someone so much, that you just knew there is nobody else who can compare?

It seeems like ALew has, because he wrote his latest single about it.

The Philly native — real name Austin Lewis — offers a touching piece of balladry with “8 Billion,” which takes the emo sensibility of Jimmy Eat World and stirs it together with the neo-folk influence of The Lumineers. The song describes the feeling of knowing you’ve met “the one” out of the sea of humanity that populates Planet Earth.

“‘8 Billion’ is as simple as it comes across,” ALew recently stated on social media. “When love is at its peak, nothing else compares to the magic felt within hearts. These moments are rare. Recognize the beauty when it arrives and hold it dear.”

Listen to the single below, and be sure to check back with ALew in time for his forthcoming debut album to drop on May 18.


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