The Stonewall Vessels Show Vitality on ‘Oxygen & Aging’

Earlier this spring, we caught wind of The Stonewall Vessels’ tender and intriguing single, “Eastern Milk.”

As it turns out, that was only the beginning.

The Lancaster, PA-based alt-rockers have upped the intensity once again on their latest release, “Oxygen & Aging.” The new tune is very much rhythmically driven from the beginning, with the tribal pound of Ian Cornele’s drums leading us in and lending themselves as the perfect companion to the intricate grooves laid down by bassist Jake Salinger. All the while, frontman Darrion Washington uses “Oxygen & Aging” as another chance to show off his versatility. Washington’s voice ebbs and flows with the song’s intensity, seamlessly delivering everything in his arsenal, from gentle falsettos to anguished screams.

Check it out below via Spotify!


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