Smile Through the Sadness with Luca Di Fabio’s ‘I Can’t Cry Anymore’

The funky rhythm and happy-go-lucky tone of Luca Di Fabio’s new single “I Can’t Cry Anymore” serves as a veil.

Indeed, if you pay attention to the lyrics, you’ll find that the frontman has written a melancholy anthem to smile through the numb feeling of long-standing loneliness.

Even through the suggested, repressed sadness, Di Fabio’s voice rings triumphantly on the new single, carrying out a sweet, yet infectious melody that remains just upbeat enough to maintain a light mood, while slipping in some of the nuanced vulnerability that greats like Freddie Mercury once mastered. This is complimented well with the blistering, post-glam flair of Di Fabio’s guitar work, and held together with a prominent, pulsing bass groove sure to help listeners dance to forget their own troubles, if only for a few minutes.

Can’t cry anymore? it’s time to meet your new theme song. Stream it below on Spotify!


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