UMC20: May 13, 2019

This week’s UMC20 Spotify playlist contains a healthy mix of where we’ve been and where we’re going. That is to say, there are artists we’ve reviewed and shows we’ve attended represented here.

That is also to say, however, that some of these tracks serve as a preview of what is to come. We have some features coming up over the next week or two that you’ll want to check out, and we’re preparing you with some cuts from the artists in question.

As always, it’s all here for you, from rock, to pop, to Americana, to hip hop and R&B. Check it out!

Track listing
The Beautiful Distortion – Left In Flames
The Stonewall Vessels – Oxygen & Aging
Luca Di Fabio – I Can’t Cry Anymore
The Slow Drag – Broken Arrow
Striking Matches – Wake Up Alone
Marc Ambrosia – One Step Back
Neil Grover – Give It To Me Straight
Kerry Goodhind – Smoke & Mirrors
ALew – 8 Billion
MICVH – Don’t
Kara Frazier – Heart of Stone
Justin Angelo – Judge Yourself
Lauren Davidson – I’ll Drink to That
Wilson Harwood – Feelin’ What I’m Feelin’
Cris Jacobs – Rooster Coop
SammiZ – The Next Whisky Bar
NyteXing ft. Blind Richi – Comics
Nate Rose – Pills and Codeine
Reece Mills – Down
Cee-Rock The Fury – Anderson Iz Nice

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