Tom Pino Releases Wistful Single, ‘New York City’

Tom Pino may be located in Los Angeles these days, but he left his heart in the Big Apple.

That’s the impression we get from “New York City,” Pino’s first single as a solo artist since 2015, and one that the singer-songwriter himself says is about his move from Brooklyn to LA and all that he left behind.

Pino’s voice rings in prominently from the very beginning of the new single, which mixes shades of bluesy regret with a healthy dose of piano pop, with a touch of Lumineers-esque folk ambiance layered on top. The singer-songwriter recalls the love he had back in Brooklyn, suggesting that the sunnier shores he’s found can’t make up for the grey sense of longing that hangs over him in the wake of what could have been.

Stream “New York City” below via Spotify!

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