VIDEO: Summer Scouts Return with Hopeful ‘Flourish’

Photo credit: Summer Scouts

It had been a minute since Pennsylvania power pop quintet Summer Scouts released new music. Since the 2017 single, “Give It Our All,” to be exact.

Now, the band — known for its energetic live performances and all-black-everything onstage attire — has returned with “Flourish,” its first single from the upcoming Endless Light.

The video for the single was filmed primarily at the historic Roxy Theater in Northampton, PA, with cutaway scenes of the band rehearsing at The Alternative Gallery in nearby Allentown. The theater shots show the band giving their all onstage, with lead vocalist Katherine De Menno offering a message of light and hope to guide listeners through their own darkness. She is joined by guitarist Ross Huber, who adds a helping of pop punk punch with his own vocal work in the call-and-answer chorus, as well as when he briefly takes over for the bridge.

Instrumentally, steadfast rhythms give “Flourish” its resilient backbone, lending support to bright, youthful guitar tones that bring emo’s heyday flooding back to the forefront.

Take a look at the video for “Flourish” below!

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