UMC20: Best of May 2019

We hope you’re all well-rested from your holiday weekend! We certainly are, and we’re ready to close May out with some of its best tracks.

That’s what we do with the last UMC20 of every month; we showcase and highlight the tracks that you engaged with the most from a month’s worth of playlists. As always, no location or genre is off-limits, and we always think the end result is eclectic and exciting.

Let’s hear ’em: the top tracks from this month are below!

Track listing
Lauren Davidson – Live Laugh Love
Cris Jacobs – Under the Big Top
MICVH – Copper and Wine
Thames – Boys Don’t Cry
Timothy Myles – Grandma’s Rainbow
Honey Combs & Combo Slice – Gypsy’s Game
ALew – 8 Billion
The Stonewall Vessels – Oxygen & Aging
Luca Di Fabio – I Can’t Cry Anymore
The Slow Drag – Broken Arrow
Sam Johnston – Postcards
River Gods – Lava Lamp
Goings – Mental Math
Stacy Gabel – Straight to Voicemail
Evan Cline – On And On
Cardiac Half – Secret Letters
Lost Stars – Never Getting Over You
NyteXing ft. Blind Richi – Comics
Nate Rose – Pills and Codeine
Hegemonix – NeonZone

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