Real Studio: The Real Deal, Pt. 1

Eight years after opening their doors, Bethlehem, PA’s Real Studio has remained one of the Northeast’s best-kept musical secrets.

If studio director Jason Wegfahrt and production manager Jason Reif have anything to do with it, that’s about to change.

Wegfahrt spent three years as a recording engineer before stepping into his current role as Real Studio’s new director. His first order of business? To give the space a complete facelift, complete with re-painting, re-wiring, and equipment upgrades to ensure that the facility was both attractive and efficient for any artist who desired quality production at a reasonable cost.

Once that was done, it was time to get the word out that Real Studio was ready and open for business. He and Reif organized an open house that was well-attended, and which provided prospective clients with an in-depth tour and live entertainment throughout the evening. Those in attendance found a state-of-the-art facility and a professional atmosphere bound to become one of the premier music production facilities in the region.

Giving to the community
Real Studio is located on the lower level of the Bethlehem Christian Training Center in Bethlehem, PA. As a non-profit ministry organization, all proceeds generated from the studio go directly back to the organization that gives the studio its home.

“It’s all about giving back to the community, and providing an opportunity for people at all levels of the music industry to learn and grow,” Wegfahrt notes.

Those opportunities are not only limited to musicians. Real Studio aims to provide high-quality training and instruction to those looking to involve themselves in the production end. This ranges to seasoned recording professionals, to local musicians who wish to self-produce by renting Real Studio’s “DIY Room” for a small fee.

Empowering artists of all disciplines within the industry is important to Wegfahrt, who believes that doing so will give rise to the next generation of music professionals within their corner of the world.

“I see the Lehigh Valley, in 10 years, being a musical hub along the lines of Nashville,” Wegfahrt states. “We want to help make that happen by equipping musicians with the right tools.”

As for Reif, he came on board as Real Studio’s production manager and lead engineer this past December. Next week, we’ll hear his side in Part 2 of this series. In the meantime, head to Real Studio’s website to learn more about their exciting work.


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