PREMIERE: Elisabeth Beckwitt’s ‘Goddess’ a Soaring Self-Care Anthem

Heartbreak will often get the better of us, making us question everything we hold dear and once loved about ourselves. Elisabeth Beckwitt explores this notion — and pushing through to re-discover our self-worth — on her soaring new ballad, “Goddess.”

“Goddess” — the second single from Beckwitt’s upcoming EP, Indigo — will be released on all major platforms on June 7. The single is inspired by the Nashville-based pop singer’s own heartbreak. Beckwitt replays memories of the relationship and its immediate aftermath, searching for the moment where everything went wrong before coming to a strong, confident conclusion.

“We live our lives while constantly being forced to navigate impossible standards, and I hate seeing those I love trapped by those paradoxes,” Beckwitt said. “This song is about embracing our inner Goddess and believing that we deserve unconditional love; from a supportive partner, but most importantly from ourselves.”

“Goddess” is another precursor to the themes present throughout Indigo, which is set for release on July 26. The EP explores life on the other side of recovery — from anxiety, depression, and addiction — offering listeners an empowering look in the mirror that enables self-discovery and love.

Get your first listen to “Goddess” below!

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