The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Monday, June 3

As we mentioned the other day, The Quinn Spinn, has featured hundreds of independent artists in our six years and across many incarnations. In terms of genre, there are no limitations to what we’ve featured. That continues today and every day, with our fresh, hand-picked daily selections.

Since we’re starting a new thing here today, we figured it would be appropriate to begin with the song that starts us off on each new episode.

In the summer of 2014 — long before UMC or any previous incarnation were a twinkle in our eyes — the OG Quinn Spinn crew and I held a worldwide contest for our new opening theme song. We had quite a few strong selections to choose from, as we prepared to unveil the winner on our one-year anniversary show, which premiered to the world on Sept. 8, 2014.

In the end, one entry stood above the rest, and its intense opening guitar riff has led us into the loud, boisterous HEY NOW! at the top of each episode since.

It’s “All I’ve Become” by Long Island, NY heavy rockers REVEL 9. It’s from their 2011 album, The Razorblade Diaries, and also now has the distinction of being our first-ever Daily Spinn here on UMC. Listen below!

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