The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Tuesday, June 4

We just had Austin James of The Slow Drag on our latest episode. You can listen to that here. We’ll also be reviewing his new single, “I Feel It, Too” sometime this week, so get ready for that.

In the meantime, let’s step back to last month’s Slow Drag single.

Man… I have to say that, when I first sat down to review The Slow Drag’s “Broken Arrow,” it hit me squarely in the feels. Surely, we all have that “one that got away” — the person who seems like a perfect fit, but who, for circumstances beyond our control, isn’t ready for us. We see their potential, even if they don’t, and are left to lament the fact that this love must remain unrequited, whether for now or forever.

If you’ve ever faced one of those situations, you know that their timing can be downright horrible, and can even eff you up a little bit, if you aren’t careful. Regardless, there is good news! Right now is the perfect time — fresh off the heels of our latest podcast conversation — to share this one as a Daily Spinn! Austin describes what I explained above with brilliant heartland rock simplicity that comes across as emotionally-jarring as it does catchy.

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