Lost Stars Address Mental Health Stigma with ‘Enough’

Back in April, we chatted with Nashville-based pop trio Lost Stars about their upcoming EP, SIRENS + LIGHT. Our conversation included an in-depth look at then-upcoming single, “Enough.”

Back then, frontman Damian Malnar spoke of the inspiration behind the single, the third and final set for release before the full release of SIRENS + LIGHT:

“We have a lot of people in our lives who struggle with (mental health) issues and, if we’re being forthright and honest, we do too. The scariest thing about these things is the stigma that’s around them, and feeling like it’s hard to talk about them, especially as a young a man for fear of people thinking something is wrong with you. There is this internal debate of ‘Do I manage this on my own? Am I just being emotional, or is there something deeper going on that I need to let people know about for my own sanity?’”

Damian Malnar, Apr. 4, 2019

Now, “Enough” is finally here, with thoughtful lyrics that reflect the stream of consciousness of an individual grappling with inner conflict. Accompanying this vulnerability, however, is a sense of resilience, brought forth by a soaring, dynamic pop rock instrumental which features a healthy smattering of electronic influence. These elements, combined with Malnar’s most robust and powerful vocal performance on any SIRENS + LIGHT song to date, work to create a hopeful soundscape; one sure to empower listeners to take action and find their inner peace.

Stream “Enough” below, and keep an ear out for SIRENS + LIGHT, which drops on Friday, July 5.

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