REVIEW: Talia Stewart’s ‘Look Ma No Hands’ a Multi-Genre Ode to Empowerment

One of Talia Stewart’s hallmarks as an artist is the notion of women’s empowerment. With that in mind, she has delivered on “Look Ma No Hands,” the first glimpse of her forthcoming album, set to release later this year.

“When I sing ‘Look Ma No Hands,’ I’m addressing my mother and her mother and her mother. I’m honoring the women who’ve come before me; the women who made it possible for me to do what I do,” she said. “This track is important to me, because it speaks on womanhood and what it means to wear resilience in the face of a society that doesn’t want to see you win.”

With lines like, “Woman, you can’t win ‘til you stop hoping that I lose,” “Look Ma No Hands” is a call to action for women from all walks of life to work together toward a future of equality, complete with a pointed second verse that commands respect from any man who happens to be listening.

Sonically, Stewart’s jazz-influenced pop vocal resides over a trap beat with hints of reggae sprinkled in throughout. This makes for an unpredictable soundscape destined to stand out to listeners this summer.

Listen to “Look Ma No Hands” below!


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