Sonar Lights March Back with ‘The Four Horsemen’

Texas rockers Sonar Lights have returned with their first new release since 2017’s full-length “Babelonia.”

The new tune? It’s a tribute to one of frontman George Miadis’ heroes.

The band dropped “The Four Horsemen,” a powerfully dynamic rock epic written in honor of Demis Roussos, lead singer of Greek band Aphrodite’s Child, who passed away unexpectedly in 2015.

“When I was 18 years old, studying music in Belgium, I had the opportunity to be in a band that would accompany Demis Roussos for a showcase in Holland,” Miadis recalls. “When I met him, I immediately expressed my admiration for his voice, and how big of a fan of Aphrodite’s Child I was. He was surprised, but also satisfied, that an 18-year-old knew about his band.”

From there, Miadis and Roussos spent many hours together, discussing vocals, songwriting, and music in general, leading Miadis to consider the prominent frontman one of his greatest mentors and influences.

“He gave me advice that I still hold sacred and use daily,” Miadis said. “He was a genuine person who shared his knowledge and experience with love.”

After the initial shock of hearing about his mentor’s passing, Miadis began to think about creating something in tribute to Roussos’ life and legacy. Four years later, that tribute turned into Sonar Lights’ return single.

“The Four Horsemen” is an impassioned piece of songwriting, with sparse, mystifying verses where Miadis’ robust vocals stand out. Each verse gives way to a high-powered, anthemic chorus that explodes with swagger.

There’s plenty of fun here for the trained ear, too. Darren Wise’s intricate, melodic bass lines stand out as engaging and memorable, and Miadis proves once again that he as just as strong and emotive with a guitar as he is with his vocal instrument, utilizing much of the song’s second half by shredding triumphantly on his axe.

Stream it below now on Spotify!


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