The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Tuesday, June 11

Today, we enter the world of nerdcore hip-hop, featuring one of the hardest working artists in the genre.

We met NyteXing in Bethlehem during our Lehigh Valley Underground era, when he was known as Maverick Da Roninn. It’s been fun to watch him grow as an artist; he’s currently embarking on his first nationwide tour this summer, and he becomes a more cunning lyricist with each new release.

Speaking of “each new release,” it seems that every time we turn around, NyteXing has something fresh on-deck. He’s constantly writing, creating, and collaborating, and might just be the most prolific artist we’ve ever met.

So, before it’s not new anymore (which could be any day now), we want to share a track from his latest full-length release, Libra Complex. It’s the vibey “Comics,” featuring an especially smooth verse from featured rapper Blind Richi. Listen below!


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