With ‘Legends Don’t Die,’ Foxtrot & the Get Down Continue to Carve a Legacy

On Foxtrot & the Get Down’s new single, “Legends Don’t Die,” frontman Colin Budny shows a fondness for — and expresses a connection with — all those who paved the way.

Indeed, many of the legends that came before the Philly-based blues rockers were once like them; wide-eyed, with big dreams, and sometimes swimming in waters filled with a few too many sharks for comfort. Some lived to tell the tale today, while others live on only in the legacy they left behind with their art.

With that, Foxtrot & the Get Down builds on its own exciting legacy-in-the-making with “Legends Don’t Die.” The new tune’s plodding, beautifully simple verses simmer before exploding with a rebel yell from Budny, which leads us into a chorus marked by crisp vocal harmonies and a signature melodic sax riff. For certain, “Legends Don’t Die” is a slice of blues-tinged heartland rock that would hold up in any era, and will surely stand the test of time as one of the band’s most memorable releases.

Stream it below via Spotify!

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