The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Thursday, June 20

Personally speaking, I’ll tell just about anyone who will listen that The Stonewall Vessels are one of the most exciting acts I’ve come across since I started this indie music crusade all those years ago.

Their energy and passion behind each live performance is unrivaled. They’re as authentic as can be; for proof of that, all you need to do is catch them out around their native Lancaster, PA and see the size of the crowds they attract. Not only that, but every person in those crowds seems to be hooked on every word sung by frontman Darrion Washington.

They’ll rock you with an unbelievable amount of firepower; yet, they have the versatility to produce softer, more vulnerable moments. That’s where today’s Daily Spinn comes in.

When you hear “Sleepy Lakes,” you’ll notice a certain whimsical romanticism in its progression. It’s upbeat, yet vulnerable, as Washington acknowledges love’s imperfections and opens a window into his own heart, just wide enough for listeners to see inside.

Here it is, from their most recent full-length effort, Through the Weird and Wild. We know you’ll find it easy to love!

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