Creative Mind Frame Drops Fireballs Like Mario on ‘Koopa Swag’

If you weren’t already spending your entire Sunday playing video games before, you might after watching this.

Nerdcore artist Creative Mind Frame released “Koopa Swag,” a video six years in the making and primarily featuring in-game footage from Super Mario World. The tribute to the iconic video game doesn’t just stop at the visuals; the instrumental heavily samples the game’s post-boss battle victory theme and other effects from the Mario series, and the lyrics — delivered with help from collaborators Ricky Spanish and Raisi K — are dripping with references to the game’s canonical events.

Also, speaking off the cuff — this goes so hard, it’s ridiculous. You’ll want to bump it everywhere you go, and you can do that by downloading it for the price of Free.99 at this link.

Watch “Koopa Swag” below!

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