The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Monday, June 24

One of the great things about the Daily Spinn is that I can pick virtually any song in creation and tell you why I like it. That applies to independent artists, all the way to the biggest names in the world.

Logic certainly falls into that latter category, especially in the hip hop realm. Not to say that he’s limited to one genre, as each of his projects brings something different to the table == sometimes, from track to track — and you can hear nearly every worthwhile influence under the sun making its way into his music.

He’s also highly prolific. Today’s Daily Spinn is from two whole albums ago… and it just came out in the latter half of 2018. It’s “The Return,” from Logic’s YSIV record.

Listening to this, you can clearly see why I chose it to start your week. Logic is at his most confident on “The Return,” and its message of positivity and resilience is perfect, especially for those of you who find yourselves hitting the snooze button on Monday mornings from time to time. Stream it below!

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