The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Tuesday, June 25

As you’ll see here, Timothy Myles cemented his place as one of Nashville’s most exciting young songwriters this past weekend by winning the inaugural Top Writer Showdown at True Music Room.

You’ll get to learn a lot more about Timothy in the coming weeks here on UMC. In fact, one of the things he gets for winning is a feature on our publication. We’re super excited to dig into what makes this artist tick!

In the meantime, we wanted to dedicate a Daily Spinn to giving you a taste of his talents. To do that, we give you the Chicago native’s latest single, “Grandma’s Rainbow.”

This one has it all — a beautiful story, intricate guitar work, and dynamic instrumentation rooted in folk with a hint of Celtic influence. Completing this tender ballad, of course, is Timothy’s vocal work. The singer’s passion is as engaging on this studio track as it is in-person, and it shines through as he delivers each piece of this melody with conviction.

Listen to it below, and be sure to keep an eye and an ear out for more!



  • Great performance by T Myles and Friends. So glad I happened to be at the bar last Saturday when they started and I stayed to the end. Well worth it. Keep on!

  • Thanks for the review man. you picked up those cues on the track to a T! Excited for the feature!

  • Honored to have heard this original and more live in person! You’re the real deal man! Great finally meeting you playing with you! Keep on writing can’t wait to hear what comes next! Rainbow is such a beautiful tribute to such a beautiful person! Thank you for writing with your heart and making us all cry!

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