The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Wednesday, July 3

If you’ve been following UMC since December, you probably already know that there’s a healthy respect around these parts for Delta Rae.

Indeed, it was an invitation to enjoy Katie Cole’s opening set at The Delta Rae Revival at The Basement in Nashville that also set me up to become formally introduced to this band I had heard so much about, but with whom I had never physically crossed paths before that night. I was so utterly captivated by their thrilling performance that I went back the next week. And the next. I would have probably gone back the following week, too, but the residency ended a week before Christmas. I guess I got here just in time.

This past Monday, it came across my newsfeed that the band had made the decision to go back to being independent, splitting from Big Machine Label Group and aiming to release two albums in 2020 — The Light and The Dark — with complete creative freedom. They took to social media to ask for crowdfunding support for the two albums. Within 24 hours, they not only reached their goal — they reached 500% of it. That’s a lot of people, with a lot of belief in what this band does.

Knowing the challenges that independent musicians often face, we applaud and respect Delta Rae for taking this step. We encourage you to support them in any way you can, and we’re choosing to do that today by featuring their women’s empowerment anthem, “Hands Dirty,” as today’s Daily Spinn.

The intensity of this song — a potent mix of pop, soul, and gospel supported by a striking and steadfast rhythm — is amplified by the aggression and passion in Brittany Hölljes’ pointed lead vocal. “Hands Dirty” is a gritty anthem for anyone tired of being oppressed, and showcases this six-piece band who can’t be tamed at its most triumphant.

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