The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Friday, July 5

Today’s Daily Spinn takes us back, pretty much to the start of our independent music journey.

It was early September 2013, just days before The Quinn Spinn’s first-ever episode, in any era, was set to be unleashed on the world. I was working a day job in corporate America in New York City, and we hosted an event for college students at the legendary Sounds of Brazil (SOB’s).

I didn’t know that there would be live entertainment going in, but I’m glad there was, because I had my first opportunity to check out Ayoinmotion’s dynamic, multi-faceted performance that night. I was blown away by the sheer energy onstage that night and, as I was apt to make new friends for The Quinn Spinn on Twitter at the time, I reached out.

From there, we’ve had the opportunity to play Ayoinmotion’s music on the show’s different versions over the years. One song in particular has proven to be my go-to from his catalog — “She’s Leaving,” from 2014’s A Tale of Cool Cities.

A poignant, heartbreaking ballad that combines hip hop and neo-soul, “She’s Leaving” tells the tale of two people figuring out that their love is not built to last. So many elements of this tune — from its gentle piano riff, to the emotional hook sung by featured artist Edson Sean — help create a feeling of lovelorn despair that rains down on all those who listen.

Check it out below, and be sure to follow Ayoinmotion’s more recent work, as well!

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