At Best Offers a Supportive Message with ‘Changing Shape’ Video

Philly-area indie rockers At Best have had a big summer so far, debuting their new single “Changing Shape” with a recent performance on popular Philly radio station Radio 104.5’s “Live at 5” program the day it was released.

The single from the South Jersey natives — guitarist/vocalist Lennon Cantwell, bassist Alicia Dickerson, and drummer Steph Brettman — carries in its chords an ode to alternative rock in the vein of The Smashing Pumpkins and Silversun Pickups, with an angst and intensity that recalls the core influence of these self-proclaimed “metalheads gone indie.”

As for the video, it was filmed by Luxwav Films in an open field, and features a distraught female protagonist with a bottle of pills, contemplating her next move. We see flashes of the band performing, encroaching with an aura of support and comfort as the video progresses. This occurs until Cantwell appears in the back seat, offering a supportive, symbolic touch before disappearing. This helps our main character turn a corner; shortly thereafter, she decides to drive on, letting the individual pills fall from the dashboard and onto the floor.

(Sidebar: There’s an interesting TED talk from journalist Johann Hari about the opposite of addiction being connection. Watching this video brought it to mind, and we invite you to explore that idea once you get done here.)

Watch the video for “Changing Shape” below.

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