The Stash Storms Into Summer with ‘Thunder’

Following up on May’s bright summer anthem “Run Into Me,” New York City’s The Stash has continued to make it rain with another pop jam.

This time, it’s the atmospheric “Thunder” adding to the future pop five-piece’s impressive, growing catalog. The second single for the band released on Los Angeles-based Anchor Eighty Four Records, “Thunder” features clean guitar tones and the swell of bright, electrifying synths to accompany vocalist Christian Evanko’s sweet tale of surrender.

“‘Thunder’ is about futility in the face of eminent destruction,” Evanko said. “The narrative is very personal, recounting a moment where I saw something important to me coming to an end, but couldn’t do anything about it. It best describes the feeling of helplessness in the face of a disaster. Sometimes, it’s hard to see in the heat of things if what your fighting for is worth your time, or if you’ll go under.”

Don’t be afraid of the “Thunder.” Stream it below!

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