LISTEN: Knave Addresses Humanity’s Crises with ‘Plain People O.S.T.’

British duo Knave have returned after a brief hiatus with “Plain People O.S.T.,” an emotionally-gutting new single about the state of the world.

The single — written by Knave co-writers Lewis Dunn and Sam Lawson — begins with just a simple, folk-influenced acoustic guitar progression and slowly builds into an explosive piece of alternative rock, with glossy tones of alt-pop and emo layered within its soundscape. This gives weight to the topics addressed within Lawson’s lyrics, which include the state of overworked humanity and the planet on which it resides.

To tell the latter story, the duo enlisted the guest vocal services of Hypophora’s Katie McConnell to add call-and-answer conversation and harmonious depth to “Plain People O.S.T.” The back-and-forth between McConnell and Lawson offers a contrast in attitudes toward Earth’s physical condition. Lawson offers criticism of mankind’s role in a well-publicized climate crisis, while McConnell’s vocal represents the vulnerability of a younger generation that finds itself on its heels and searching for an answer.

Stream “Plain People O.S.T.” below!

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