REVIEW: Second Player Score – Glorified

The two words that best describe Second Player Score best are intense and relentless. You can feel assured that an music they release is always going to be loud and heavy.

That is certainly the case on Glorified, the new concept album from the Vancouver, WA power trio. The album – which follows main protagonist Gloria Sin through a post-apocalyptic wasteland on a journey for clarity about her past – brings the fire from bell to bell, rarely conceding any of its thunderous power throughout its 12 tracks.

One thing you’ll notice when you listen closely, however, is the way Second Player Score has delivered this power while tastefully expanding its songwriting palette on Glorified. Within this audible expression of the band’s affinity for melting faces, you’ll find odes to classic rock (“Desolation”), grunge (“More Than I Can Give”), and even a little bit of Latin rhythm (“Broken Ecstasy”).

Want punk? It’s here, clear and present after the grungy beginning to “More Than I Can Give.” Need something with a hard metal edge? You’ll love where “Desolation” winds up going, and you’ll have to make sure you listen to “Some of Us Were Meant to Be Alone,” the epic, eight-and-a-half minute prog-metal closing track.

That’s just scratching the surface. Certainly, Glorified contains enough big, important moments and climactic storytelling to keep you invested from start to finish. So, we encourage you to dive into the story of Gloria Sin. Listen below!

Track listing
Eye of the Needle
Ragged Town
Broken Ecstasy
Liberty’s End
The Last Trigger
Shiny Rebellion
Into the Ruins
More Than I Can Give
Long Road Home
Death and Glory
Some of Us Were Meant to Be Alone

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