REVIEW: Vanity Fear Debuts with ‘Kevlar’

In our day and age, musicians are constantly pushing the envelope, experimenting with different sounds and genre blends to create their unique place in the landscape.

Upon first listen of Columbus, GA-based Vanity Fear, it seems like they’re well on their way to carving out their niche with debut single, “Kevlar.”

The single begins with the cinematic ambiance of atmospheric synths, which lend support to the faint vocal refrain of Vanity Fear female vocalist Gevonovich. A primal, metal-influenced drum beat kicks in at the 40-second mark, propelling us toward battle in tandem with call-and-answer trio vocals from Gevonovich and male counterparts Matt Hardy and Brandon Diaz. All the while, heavy guitars become increasingly prominent all the way through an intense climax that begins around the 2:50 mark. It is at this moment when “Kevlar” burns brightest, with pounding, relentless rhythms and scorching hot guitar work leading the way.

Get your first taste of this unique new project below!

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