Dumb Pups Dial Up Summer Sadness with ‘Shade’

Combine the lo-fi, honest grit of grunge with the angst of early 2000s emo, and you have “Shade,” the new single from Houston-based Dumb Pups.

“Shade” starts with the low-key, somewhat loungey vibe of squeaky-clean guitar tones and light percussion. From there, we burst ahead with heavier axe work from guitarist Mark Faerman and the steady, relentless pound of Ricky Orta’s drums. Faerman also owns lead vocal duties, singing of an innocence lost in the changing world around him, all the while bringing a rawness to “Shade” that recalls the unfiltered emotion of The Ataris’ Kris Roe.

Get ready to feel the feelings, and listen to “Shade” below!

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