UMC20: July 23, 2019

There’s plenty of soul to go around on the latest edition of the UMC20 Spotify playlist.

Of course, what do you expect when we’re surrounded by the passions and talents of a constantly versatile and changing array of musicians? We’ve had the chance to see some of them live recently, while others just seemed like a great fit for this week’s installment.

Throw in some reviews, Daily Spinns, and other things to come, and you have 20 potent tracks ready for your ears. Come and get it!

Track listing
Elisabeth Beckwitt – Free Fall
Talia Stewart – It’s Not Me, It’s You
Meagan Hickman – Unique
Michelle Brooke – Fly
Katie Cole – Graceland
The White Wolves – I Won’t Be Around
Nicole Boggs & The Reel – Everyone I Know
Jessi Robertson – You’re Gonna Burn
George Ducas – Unlove You
Copper Fields – This Way
Billy Bauer Band – Maybe Tomorrow
Dumb Pups – Shade
TIOGA – Suffer
Glorybots – Dream About Nothing
The Beautiful Distortion – Left In Flames
Brianna Musco – Ringling
Chelsea Lyn Meyer – Hangover
Mike DeCrosta – California
The Slow Drag – Broken Arrow
ALew – She’s Too Tall For Me

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