UMC20: Best of July 2019

So. Many. Tough. Choices.

First of all, July had four unique UMC20 playlists to its name, which means we had more music to choose from than most months to fill out this compilation.

Compound that with the fact that so many of these tracks were not only very well received, but so freakin’ good, and we had our hardest time yet narrowing it down to 20 songs for the month.

So, we did our best. It truly has been a magical moon revolution this time around, and August is fixin’ to be similar, based on the tunes we have in our queue.

For now, celebrate July with us, and be sure to head over here and follow UMC20 if you enjoy what you hear!

Track listing
EverSōl – Secrets Untold
Vanity Fear – Kevlar
Second Player Score – The Last Trigger
Brianna Musco – Ringling
Paper Crowns – Are You Listening
Brother Dusty – I Didn’t
TIOGA – Suffer
At Best – Changing Shape
Knave – Plain People O.S.T.
Dumb Pups – Shade
Lost Stars – Legacy
Talia Stewart – It’s Not Me, It’s You
Lord Goldie ft. Taryn Coccia – When You Ready
Meagan Hickman – Unique
Julie Haven – Love and War
J.Antonette – Something I Said
Stephanie Ryann – Home
Raquel & the Wildflowers – Hot July (Summer Love)
Mike DeCrosta – Mansions of Love
A Day Without Love – B.O.Y.S. (Bugs on Your Shoulder)

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