Grover Anderson: Live at City View Sound

He’s the thirty-something, dad-bod rocking, acoustic guitar-playing eponymous front-man of the second biggest band in his small town, and his name is Grover Anderson. Raised in the historic gold rush hills of Calaveras County, Grover writes songs that tell stories of love, loss, and frontier mischief.

He lives twenty minutes out a decrepit one-and-a-half lane road in the wilderness of the Sierra Nevada foothills with his wife, daughter, and dog. When he’s not touring, he teaches high school Drama and English. He has self-produced four albums, including The Frontman, The Optimist, and an acoustic album From the Pink Room, which was named the #2 album of the year by music blog Independent Clauses.

In this episode of Live at City View Sound, Grover Anderson performs The Good,” and talks about how uniqueness isn’t really his thing.

Live at City View Sound connects the face to the voice, the emotion to the artist, and the recordings to a raw performance. This series features artists of all genres, with each episode consisting of a 3-4 minute interview and an acoustic performance. Every artist has a craft and his or her own unique sound. Live at City View Sound strives to showcase these artists in their own element.

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