REVIEW: Catalina Puts Full Range of Influences on Display on ‘Multifacética’

Catalina’s latest release, Multifacética, may be the most appropriately-titled album of the year so far. Indeed, this is a versatile artist, with the agility to seamlessly blend and move across genres and cultures in her music.

For the listener, that means there’s bound to be something you’ll find and love across these seven tracks – whether you’re into rock, pop, or soul, and whether you speak English, Spanish, or both.

We begin with “Headspace,” which leads us in with a palpable, swarming tension before giving way to a sonic landscape that paints from a broad palette of pop, soul, and alternative rock. It is here that we get an immediate sense of the impressive range and control Catalina has of her vocal instrument. From there, “Prove It Wrong” is a little more rock and roll in the classic sense, with an opening guitar riff that reminds slightly of The Beatles, combined with the soul and rhythm to make you dance.

The middle of Multifacética is particularly strong and seamless, and puts Catalina’s Latin heritage on full display, courtesy of the Spanish-language title track and the following track, “Desenfoca.” “Desenfoca” is a particularly special moment; its relaxed island vibe sways us gently, while sweetly-sung Spanish verses take us away from our troubles. Those vibrations remain as we fade right into “Passing Through the Palms,” which blends in a strong reggae sensibility with a story of releasing inhibition and falling in love.

Things stay bright and sunny as we move on from there to “Pretty Lies,” a tune whose pop-soul groove and melody calls shades of Michael Jackson’s more upbeat work to mind, while tying in subtle new wave accents for a bit of atmospheric depth. And, speaking of new wave, fans of its revival will enjoy closing track, “Get Out and I’ll Drive,” which is hallmarked by ambient synth and the light, in-tandem chug of clean guitar and steadfast percussion to provide a feeling akin to The Killers’ work up to and including Day & Age.

Track listing
Prove It Wrong
Passing Through the Palms
Pretty Lies
Get Out and I’ll Drive

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