The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Tuesday, August 6

Earlier this summer, you might have read about Brother Dusty, who released his debut single, “I Didn’t,” in an effort to aid Flint’s water crisis.

That story is even more outstanding and selfless once you learn this artist’s personal journey.

More than a year ago, Brother Dusty gave up everything — his house and car included — and chose a nomadic lifestyle, so that he could put his every penny into creating his art. The full story can be found in the comments of this post, but to paraphrase, Brother Dusty’s investment in himself and refusal to wonder “what if” led to a self-described “barrage of projects,” including the music video for the debut single we just mentioned.

The music video offers a glimpse into Dusty’s nomadic lifestyle as a Nashville musician, and features him performing every single part, on every single instrument, of our dynamic and funky introduction into his world.

Watch it below as a special Daily Spinn!

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