UMC20: August 6, 2019

We’ve reached the dog days of summer. And, make no mistake, we’re bringing plenty of heat for the occasion.

This is the first collection of 20 hot, fresh tracks that we’re bringing you this month, and we’re proud of what we’ve found here. As we always strive to do, we’ve compiled a pretty versatile group of artists and songs for your ears to enjoy. You may have heard some of these already around here, while others might be new finds.

Either way, we’re happy to bring you the fire. Enjoy it below!

Track listing
Paper Crowns – Man With a Different Name
Burn the Treaty – Murky Moon Sky
Eric & the Soo – Goulais Bay
Cat London – Cities
Jordyn Kenzie – Stir the Sky
Evan Cline – Part of Me
Seth Witcher – A Game of Love
Elisabeth Beckwitt – Baggage
Leah Voysey – Keep It to Yourself
Migs718 – Movado
Nate Rose – Elon Musk
Vitruvia – Breaking Point
These Fine Gentlemen – Choke
Brianna Musco – Forever
Moonroof – Home Alone
The Spring – Colors of Consciousness
Banchi – Minor Fault
Catalina – Get Out and I’ll Drive
Greg in Good Company – Carrie’s Song
Grover Anderson – Frontman

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