The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Thursday, August 8

It’s fun to dig back into our old UMC20 playlists and pull out the gems.

As you’ll hear, that’s what we’ve done here today.

One of February’s top tracks, as decided by us and audience interaction, was this one from Boston electronic indie pop band Ansonia. “Weighing Me Down” touches on the state of the world and, through all of its maladies, the trouble we have letting go of the burden we share as its citizens.

Sonically, spacious and shimmering synths create a cosmic atmosphere, accented by the stark and poignant guitar riffs of Ryan Bale. Meanwhile, vocalist Charlie Henry’s jazzy tones carry the heavy weight of society’s troubles, and put forth a certain sense of isolation befitting of a world that can feel unforgiving.

Pretty heavy stuff here. Daily Spinn it below.

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