UMC20: August 13, 2019

We’ve returned to Nashville, even more inspired than usual to bring you 20 tracks of fire.

So, here we go. This list is partially inspired by our trip up to Musikfest this past weekend, and also features some selections we’ve either recently featured, or will feature soon. A couple of these just fit the vibe this week, too, and there ain’t nothin’ wrong with that.

So, come and get it while it’s hot. This is the week’s UMC20!

Track listing
Joseph Gallant – Better Buzz
George Ducas – I’m All In
Stephanie Ryann – Travelers
Red Elvises – I Wanna See You Bellydance
Luke McManus – Lost My Way to You
Brandon Bors – Blush
Ansonia – Weighing Me Down
Rayne and Jaki Nelson – High Wasted
Lauren Marsh – Fire in Me
Honeysuckle – Gaslight
Cari Ray & The Shaky Legs – Sister Hey
Julia Sommer – Sundial
Lion’s Mouth – High Achievers
Kara Frazier – Heart of Stone
Samuel Lee – When I’m Gone
Cubbage – The Gate
Phillip Phillips – Magnetic
Bronze Radio Return – With Me All Along
Max Swan – Steady
Billy Bauer Band – Better Days

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