The Beautiful Distortion: Live at City View Sound

The Beautiful Distortion combines outstanding vocal harmonies with top-notch musicianship, resulting in one of the most powerful and distinctive rock sounds on the East Coast.

The six-piece band — which includes vocal/guitar trio Dave Doll and twin sisters Karen and Amy Jones; bassist Jeremy Aguiar; guitarist Chris Reagle, and percussionist Tim Harrell — delivers hook-driven, harmony-heavy melodic rock, pulling from influences ranging from Alice In Chains to Fleetwood Mac.

In this episode of Live at City View Sound, The Beautiful Distortion performs Left In Flames,” and talks about how all six members get involved in the writing process.

Live at City View Sound connects the face to the voice, the emotion to the artist, and the recordings to a raw performance. This series features artists of all genres, with each episode consisting of a 3-4 minute interview and an acoustic performance. Every artist has a craft and his or her own unique sound. Live at City View Sound strives to showcase these artists in their own element.

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