Kiki Halliday’s ‘American Tragedy’ a Gripping Reflection on Gun Violence

Nashville singer-songwriter Kiki Halliday has witnessed the escalating violence in America, and has decided that now is the time to use her voice to take a stand.

“American Tragedy” is a dark folk rock commentary on the state of gun violence in the United States, as written from the perspective of one of its young victims. Halliday’s somber verses offer sobering perspective on the lives cut short by the increasing number violent events that have occurred across America in recent years, all while suggesting that it’s past time to unite and demand a response from those in power.

“(‘American Tragedy’) was written to get us to feel something, anything, and promote change,” Halliday said. “I hope as many people as possible can hear this song, to remember those we’ve lost, and in hopes that indifference to mass violence doesn’t become the new normal.”

Listen to “American Tragedy” below.

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