LISTEN: Moonroof’s ‘Trojans’ a Bop for the Hopeless Romantic

The quest for love is a recurring theme in Moonroof’s music. Some of the band’s recent efforts reflect this search, and the tricks played on our minds by the fear of loneliness.

Their newest single, for its bright soundscape, is another one for the hopeless romantic.

“Trojans” opens with a bright and clean pop rock guitar progression that, like a Trojan horse, lures us in with a false sense of security. Despite the song’s sunny demeanor, “Trojans” is a song about a relationship that leads its participants to the gallows. They head there anyway, entranced by temptation and the hope that, despite every premonition indicating otherwise, this will be the love that lasts.

Let these “Trojans” in when you stream the single below!

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