LISTEN: Three Strands Presses ‘Further on Ahead’

Pennsylvania native Sean Cox has released the latest offering under the Three Strands banner with a new single, “Further on Ahead.”

Beginning with a gentle acoustic guitar progression, “Further on Ahead” soars into accessible pop rock territory, while Cox uses his distinctive, powerful baritone and knack for folk storytelling to relate to his fellow humans on a quest for clarity and purpose.

“I’ve made it a point in recent years to explore those avenues and beliefs that connect people today,” Cox comments. “It’s more than we’re taught in our average middle class environs. The quest I’ve undertaken has greatly impacted my writing, while allowing me to be more open and honest with myself. That, in turn, has given me a cause and ability to express my thoughts through my music. We often believe that happiness is just out of reach, but for me, ‘Further On Ahead’ is like a journal entry that details a very specific time in my life.”

Have yourself a listen to “Further on Ahead” below.

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