Greg in Good Company Wants to Use This ‘Moment’ to Connect

Greg Gilman of Los Angeles’ Greg in Good Company wants to connect with his listeners in a meaningful way. To accomplish this, he is trying an unconventional approach to releasing the band’s newest single.

Listeners who want “(Heaven Is) A Moment Here With You” will not find it on popular streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music in the near future. To obtain a copy, listeners are asked to follow Greg in Good Company on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter — whichever network they prefer — and send a direct message asking for the song. From there, listeners will receive instructions to obtain their copy of the song long before its digital release as part of Greg in Good Company’s forthcoming Songs for Listeners EP, and will have connected directly with the band as a bonus.

In case you want to hear what you’re getting yourself into, Greg did give us a method to share the song with our readers via SoundCloud. Check it out below, and then go ahead and slide in his DMs to get it for yourself!

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