UMC20: Sept. 10, 2019

It’s a busy week here at UMC. There’s a new episode of The Quinn Spinn out. We have tons of submissions to catch up on from vacation (and even before). Oh, and it’s Americanafest in Nashville this week, and we’re going out to get us some of that, starting tonight.

When will we sleep? We don’t know!

What we do know, however, is that you need 20 fresh jams today. That’s what happens around here on Tuesdays with the UMC20 playlist, and we are committed to delivering the goods!

So, we start at hip hop, and end up all the way at country by the end. You’ll hear artists we’ve heard live, as well as those booked for a very special evening in Nashville at the end of this month. Then, there are a bunch we’ve featured recently, in one way or another, and a few that will be in greater detail soon.

Whoever they are, and whatever they do, their music is here for you below. Listen up!

Track listing
Intellect – Then There Were Two
NyteXing – Isekai
Lord Goldie ft. Taryn Coccia – When You Ready
89 ft. Chasen Day, Adios, Creative la Biz – Last Call
Ellrod – Concept
Brooke Alexx – Lemonade
Talia Stewart – Fly
Savannah – Snake in the Grass
Striking Matches – Say What You Wanna
Cypress & Co. – Good Day
Evan Cline – On And On
Cameron Floyd – Kids
Greg in Good Company – Monster’s Lair
Emily Chambers – Left Alabama
Pottersfield – Empty Bottles
Elisabeth Beckwitt – Indigo
Three Strands – Further on Ahead
Amy Jay – As I Am
Kevin Daniel – Time To Rise
Kendell Marvel – Let It Go

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