The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Monday, September 16

While we were having some fun under the sun at Americanafest all weekend, Nashville alt-rockers and future Quinn Spinn guests EverSōl were unveiling their latest heavy, soulful masterpiece.

“Runaway” is a pensive tale of re-invention; of shedding the person you once were and the pain associated with the past. The opening piano progression brings a somewhat-haunting tone to the table, perhaps representative of past demons that can rear their heads in our lives from time to time.

As the tune progresses, a palpable tension begins to bubble up. Lead vocalist Keece’s delivery becomes more pointed and powerful over time, as she sings of breaking free of her previous trials in favor of a life waiting on the other side of darkness. This idea is supported by a gradual, dynamic build hallmarked by carefully-placed string arrangements and some emotive, wailing guitar work from axe man Matthew Coffin.

It’s out in the world now, and it’s here for you as a Daily Spinn. Stream “Runaway” below!

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