UMC20: Sept. 17, 2019

We still have Americanafest on the brain. Naturally, you’ll see a lot of the artists we encountered throughout the weekend making appearances on this week’s playlist.

There’s much more to this story. We have a couple of Daily Spinns represented here, as well as a couple of artists set to join us next Friday at Douglas Corner Cafe for the first-ever Underground Writers Round.

Wait, is that really next week already? Time flies…

Anyway, speaking of our Underground Writers Round, one of the evening’s performers, Elisabeth Beckwitt, is hosting the one-year anniversary of Sad Girl Night at Helping Our Music Evolve this Sunday. So, we included a couple of the artists she has lined up for that celebration, as well.

It’s all here, and it’s all wonderful. Get this party started below!

Track listing
The Slow Drag – Shake (Acoustic)
Becoming Young – Cold
EverSol – Runaway
Wolforna – The Fleet
Timothy Myles – Grandma’s Rainbow
Billy Bauer Band – So I Love
Strung Like a Horse – Free
Hackensaw Boys – Late Night Kitchen
Darrin Bradbury – Talking Dogs & Atom Bombs
Caleb Caudle – Carolina Ghost
Michael Logen – For the Dreamers
Jesse Terry and Alex Wong – Nowhere
Son Little – Mad About You
Drivin N Cryin – I Used to Live Around Here
Chris Shiflett – West Coast Town
Laurel & the Love In – Big Bad Wolf
Catalina – Pretty Lies
Emily Chambers – Girlfriend Like You
Nate Rose ft. Ollie Joseph and HUSH – Ranch
Talia Stewart – Rat Race

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