PHOTOS: The First-Ever Underground Writers Round

For us, Friday night was bound to be a special one. It was the night of the inaugural Underground Writers Round; our first-ever event in Nashville, and a showcase for six of the city’s most prolific up-and-coming songwriters.

In our estimation, it was all that and then some.

The six songwriters in question — Elisabeth Beckwitt, Evan Cline, Cameron Floyd, Timothy Myles, Savannah, and The Slow Drag — all did a swell job of sharing their songs and stories on the stage of Nashville’s historic Douglas Corner Cafe. Alongside that, their support and appreciation for the stage and each other’s music helped to show what happens when talented, creative individuals come together to create a stronger community. This was a night full of good humor, refreshing honesty, and a love for the craft of songwriting, presented by a diverse lineup of artists to a healthy-sized and attentive audience.

That audience remained engaged throughout the evening, whether by The Slow Drag polling its members to choose his next song, or by members joining in the fray themselves. This was the case when Myles invited Australian teen songwriter Alexa Curtis to the stage to perform on a song co-written by the duo. Curtis made the most of her moment, stunning those in attendance with a stage presence and vocal ability that stretched beyond her years.

Through all of that and more, there was a sense of unity in the air. In addition, there was a feeling of celebration for what is, has been, and is to come.

Speaking of what is to come, we’re going to do this again. We’ll be back at Douglas Corner for the next Underground Writers Round on Friday, November 15 at 9 p.m. A full lineup and other details are to come.

For now, take a look at the night we had below. Thank you to everyone who made the first one special!

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